Looking Ahead: Week of August 8th

Here we are in WEEK ELEVEN of training, which means Wednesday will be the halfway point in this training plan. Things are going well despite a minor setback this week that has worked itself out. During Wednesday's night's hill repeats, my left knee really started bothering me on the uphills. I talked to our coach and he had me do some flat running while the team continued the repeats and that felt fine, so I still got in the time, just not the hills. Thursday I took a rest day and did an easy run on Friday to make sure that everything was good (luckily, it was!).

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Looking Ahead: Week of July 25th

This heatwave is out of control! It has made for some hard runs, but I've been taking it very slow and getting them done. Saturday was Long Training #1 which is an organized training run put on by NYRR. Due to the heat, I only ran one of three loops of Central Park calling it quits around the 10K mark but I met my time goal of running 80 minutes, so I consider it a success. 

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Looking Ahead: Week of July 18th

Well... I survived the first week of speed workouts! There were a few scattered showers that really helped keep things cool during our 200 meter repeats. On Saturday, I volunteered as a course marshall at the Boomer's Run to Breathe 4 miler in Central Park. I'm trying to complete NYRR's 9 + 1 program for 2017 in case I am crazy enough to decide to run the marathon again. It was a lot of fun watching all of the runners, but standing out in the heat was rough. At least I got a cool new hat for volunteering; it really helped with the sun. 

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Looking Ahead: Week of July 11th

Happy 7/11 day! I'll have to see if there's a 7 Eleven around Central Park where I can grab a free slushie after tonight's strength training workout. Last week's heat wave was pretty terrible, I think all of the humidity and pressure changes got to me and I actually called out of work on Friday because I felt like I had an elephant stomping on my head. Luckily, by Saturday morning it cooled down and I had an insanely comfortable long run in weather that was almost dare I say chilly when running near water.

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Looking Ahead(ish): Week of July 4th

The holiday weekend really threw me off schedule. It's Wednesday, the week is half over, and I'm just now writing this. This is the final week of phase 1 of marathon training - the base building phase. Starting next week, we'll start incorporating speed and hill repeats into the training schedule. Sounds.... intimidating!

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Looking Ahead: Week of June 27th

Another race is in the books and I am DONE with racing until September. I'm looking forward to the break but unfortunately sleeping in won't be an option as Saturday group runs for TFK start earlier due to the heat (although there's no group run this weekend due to the holiday). I guess I'll sleep in November... at least next Monday is a holiday so I can have an extra rest day.

In addition to the schedule below, this week is shaping up to be very busy! I'm catching up with a friend I haven't seen in a while on Wednesday, Nick's birthday is on Thursday as are the local Astoria fireworks, and then next Monday is our first anniversary (oh, and the 4th of July!).

This morning, for my cross-training, I attended a free yoga class at Astoria's Socrates Sculpture Park (the park where Nick and I got married!) and it was a lot of fun. It was primarily meditation based but I really enjoyed it. There are also some good spin class deals in the neighborhood on Groupon right now that I am looking into for future cross-training days. I'm also looking forward to July 10th because I used a gift card that I recently received to book an hour long sports massage. It's going to be a painful hour I'm sure, but well worth it after the fact.

But in the meantime, here's what's going on this week:

  • Monday, June 27: strength workout in Central Park with Team for Kids
  • Tuesday, June 28: 40 minute easy morning run
  • Wednesday, June 29: 40 minute easy morning run
  • Thursday, June 30: 30 minutes of cross-training in the morning (maybe more so I can eat 2 slices of Nick's birthday cake for dessert)
  • Friday, July 1: Rest day! Hopefully also leaving work early to extend the 3 day weekend even more!
  • Saturday, July 2: 50 minutes of easy running
  • Sunday, July 3: 45 minutes of cross-training; I'm checking out the free yoga in the park again

Race Report: 2016 Queens 10K

So I'm just back from today's Front Runners New York Pride Run, but still catching up on a race report from last Saturday's Queens 10K. I've stalled a little on writing this because it's been both an incredibly busy and stressful week plus it wasn't a great race for me (more on that later), so I haven't been super inspired to write about it. 

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Looking Ahead: Week of June 20th - Week 4 of Marathon Training

How can it already be week 4 of marathon training? Time is flying, that's for sure, and having so many races has probably made the time speed up. I'll have a race report up for the Queens 10K soon; the reports have been delayed because the new photo vendor that NYRR is using takes more time to get photos up online (although they're way better in quality and worth the wait, in my opinion). Now that the race is over, I'm already looking forward to this coming week which includes the Front Runners NY LGBT Pride Run in Central Park!

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Race Report: 2016 New York Mini 10K

I was so excited to participate in this year's Mini 10K. This was the 45th running of this race that was started in 1972 when then president of NYRR and founder of the NYC Marathon Fred Lebow convinced a sponsor to start a "mini" marathon (or 10K) just for women. The confusing name is actually a reference to miniskirts and not the distance. All throughout the course, there were many women with bibs pinned to their backs showing that this was the 15th, 20th, 25th, etc. time that they had run this particular race and it was so inspiring to see these amazing women who have been running consistently for such a long period of time.

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