Getting Back to Running

Today I went for my first post-marathon run!

Yesterday, I went to Central Park in the morning to watch some of the 60K race (who does that!?) and also to see my friend run the Enormous Elephants 10K (much more reasonable, and hello, elephants!). It was a GORGEOUS day, the photos below don't even begin to do the beautiful fall colors justice. I brought gloves but never needed them and I didn't have on a jacket at all. What a difference 24 hours makes...

This morning, I was bundled up in a long sleeve, windbreaker, fleece vest, fleece gloves, knit hat, and lined leggings. The feels like temperature was somewhere around 27 degrees and it was W-I-N-D-Y!

If anything, the wind helped me and my two teammates run even faster toward the warmth of brunch. I was pretty impressed with our pace today; our total time includes two stops for water and a short walking break. Not bad for three ladies who just ran a marathon!

This week, I'm headed to Boston for Thanksgiving and hoping to get a few runs in at home. I've signed up for two back-to-back December races now: the Jingle Bell Jog (4M) on the third and the Ted Corbitt 15K on the 10th. If I can keep up this pace, I have a great shot of smashing my 4M PR and getting a new "best pace" on my NYRR dashboard (which impacts corral assignment for future races).