Looking Ahead: Week of August 15th

This week was ROUGH. We are having something of a heat wave in NYC that has caused most everyone to hibernate indoors. I was unable to complete my run on Saturday because real feel temperatures were well over 100 degrees even early in the morning so I called it quits about a mile early. The Long Training Run organized by NYRR for Sunday was canceled and our coaches advised us to run inside. In order to prevent dying from boredom, I went to the gym with one of my teammates and we did one hour on the treadmill followed by an hour on the elliptical. Having someone to run with and switching up the equipment made it more bearable than a usual treadmill run and after the short walk home in the heat, I'm glad we played it safe.

This week is going to be a bit interesting as well because Nick and I will be headed up to Maine to visit my parents so I need to stay disciplined while on vacation. (Ugh!) But luckily, the area they live in is quite beautiful, so it will be a good change of scenery and also nice to be in some slightly cooler weather.

We're going into the final week of the "Repetition Phase" of training; next up will be intervals. I'm going to try to enjoy this last hill workout as much as possible and I'm going to hope that going from hills to sitting on an airplane isn't too uncomfortable (it's only an hour flight, so it should be ok). Here's the full plan for this week:

  • Monday, August 15: Mobility workout with TFK in Central Park.
  • Tuesday, August 16: 40 to 50 minutes of easy running before work.
  • Wednesday, August 17: Hill repeats before heading to JFK.
  • Thursday, August 18: Cross training and strength work; hopefully doing some hiking in Maine.
  • Friday, August 19: Rest day!
  • Saturday, August 20: 2 hours of easy running in Maine!
  • Sunday, August 21: 4 easy miles in the evening after we get back to Queens.