Looking Ahead: Week of August 29

Today marks the start of week 14 of my marathon training plan! We are now in phase three of training, the intervals phase. This past week was a recovery week which included an amazing and refreshing team yoga class in Central Park and my first attempt at deep water running which I loved and cannot wait to try again. The week ended with a long run over the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey and through the very hilly Palisades Park. 

From this week forward, Mondays are no longer dedicated to strength training and are instead running days; weekly mileage is increasing but this week's long run is actually a cut back - perfect timing for the holiday weekend. Here's whats in store for the week:

  • Monday, August 29: 40 minute run with TFK in Central Park
  • Tuesday, August 30: 50 minute run in Astoria before work
  • Wednesday, August 31: Intervals! 20 minutes easy running, 8 x 400 meter repeats, 10 minute cool down run
  • Thursday, September 1: 30 minutes of cross-training plus strength training
  • Friday, September 2: Rest day!
  • Saturday, September 3: "Unofficial*" group run from Astoria into Manhattan for brunch - YUM!
  • Sunday, September 4: 5 mile run in Astoria

*Because of the holiday, we don't have group runs on Saturday or Monday, but since we're all crazy and hate to run alone, some really awesome folks organized a route for Saturday anyway!