Looking Ahead: Week of September 12th

So I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I have not only met, but surpassed my fundraising goal! I am so relieved to be finished with fundraising, which is arguably more nerve wracking than training. I am thankful for everyone who contributed, the generosity they have shown is really overwhelming. I know some really good people.

The bad news is that I've been experiencing some knee pain which seems to be stemming from IT band issues. I have taken a few days off running and replaced them with serious stretching and foam rolling along with icing. On Saturday, the goal was to run for two and a half hours but I cut myself off closer to an hour and a half. Between the IT band and the heat, it wasn't worth it to push harder and risk injury.


Although I cut the run short, I really enjoyed our TFK trip out to New Hope PA where we ran along the Delaware Water Gap and over the PA/NJ border. I met some out-of-town teammates, two of whom were kind enough to invite us all into their home for a delicious brunch afterwards. It was such a fun day trip and a great change of scenery.

At some point, this bridge crosses the PA/NJ border.

At some point, this bridge crosses the PA/NJ border.

This coming weekend is our longest training run of the season, the dreaded 18-miler. We'll be doing three laps around Central Park and I am very nervous about the run, especially with my knee. But I know that if I can make it through 18, I can make it through 26. If it takes me 5 hours to complete this run, so be it! 

Here's what else is on tap for the week:

  • Monday, September 12: Unplanned rest day, lots of foam rolling and ice.
  • Tuesday, September 13: Cross-training and strength workout at the gym before work.
  • Wednesday, September 14: Intervals! 
  • Thursday, September 15: 50 minute easy run through Astoria before work.
  • Friday, September 16: Rest day!
  • Saturday, September 17: 60 minutes of cross-training at the gym.
  • Sunday, September 18: 18 mile run with TFK around Central Park followed by brunch!